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community outreach

Tayas Yawks will provide peer support and job resources to all clients with added services around Native American

culture focusing on family values, culture and sense of community for tribal and community members. BestCare will

staff a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

All services are based on a compassion approach, while providing harm reduction services and coordinated care with

BestCare for those willing to enter detox or treatment. Additionally, the project aims to create a continuum of care for this

population with existing agencies within our community.

Two mobile Outreach trailes will travel and

meet people where they live around

the community and county.

The colaboration with

Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services,

Tayas Yawks, and BestCare

is a 'Joining of Hope and Connection’

as these Team's work to save lives

and spread awareness about this opioid epidemic. Mobile Services will include: Harm Reduction, Narcan Distribution,

CADC on-site for rapid access to Detox or Treatment and Peer Support Specialists.

Breakdown of Goals & Community Efforts:

• Maximize mobile street outreach and

serve the high-risk opioid

users in our tribal community, where they are.

• Increased diagnosis of addiction,

access to treatment/recovery services.

• Provide Harm reduction through

Narcan and Fentanyl test strip distribution,

clean needle exchange, and

referral for detox and inpatient/outpatient care.

• Goal to reduce unmet treatment needs and

opioid overdose related deaths,

through the use of emergency

shelters, connection to

community resources, and MAT Programs

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